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New Club Training Facilities

The AFC Liverpool board are delighted to announce that we have secured a partnership with The North Liverpool Academy today, that will allow our players to use their excellent facilities.

This is the next step in our clubs journey, and it is a massive commitment from the board to our players, management  and of course for our future aspirations.

Gary Beggs who heads up business development of the club, said” As we are the only semi professional club in the city of Liverpool this is a massive step forward for our club as we now have an Academy to use in the heart of the city. We will use this Academy to breed the future stars of our club and beyond which will help propel us through the leagues and give more grass roots players a chance to shine!  We will maximise the use of this Academy for the training of our youth, reserves and 1st team so they can mix together and work together to help each other get to the top, pretty much what Jamie Carragher is proposing for Liverpool FC’s Training Academy”

“We have also been working hard over the past year with Liverpool City Council to build a stadium within the city boundary and we are hoping to have announcements over our plans in the near future. We are in the early Stages of fund raising at the moment and have created a ground fund donation area on our website www.afc  Even though the target looks big and our donations are small at the moment, we do have a lot of interested parties who are prepared to put huge amounts towards the fund as soon as we have agreed a location with the council.  However every pound helps so if anyone feels they want to help us please donate!”

“We are a fans owned club and the more supporters we have, the bigger the club will become. The major positive for our club is that as it is fans owned all profits of the club are ploughed back in to the club and grow it as a result. We are not a protest club, we simply want to provide Affordable football for all fans from all backgrounds and we want to give the city’s grass roots players a chance.  We are also  working closely with our communities, offering Premier league health checks in partnership with LFC, Healthy eating Cooking classes in partnership with, and we are looking to team up with the Mersey Tigers to provide Btechs and NVQS in football, Sports and fitness and provide a full time youth set up for our club.  On top of that we are looking forward to working with Liverpool Lighthouse, the 23 foundation and Liverpool unites to give something back to our cities residents, we want to be in the heart of our communities across the city”

“Now we have a base in the city in the North Liverpool Academy I feel we can really push on as a club now, on and off the field and I have big hopes for this club, we want to make this city proud”!

The purpose of the North Liverpool Academy is to provide every student in the area with access to a first class education, regardless of background or ability.  It is already bringing about significant improvement to secondary education in the area and will also benefit the wider community through new educational and sporting facilities.  The North Liverpool Academy started in September 2006 and in September 2009 opened its 21st century buildings with the most up to date technology and resources that will inspire learning in every student.  The facilities are amongst the best in the world, creating a purposeful ethos of Business and Enterprise from the very first day the students arrive.  Our Academy is an active part of the community. We have a strong commitment to seeking and valuing the views of parents and carers; building together an Academy which is a beacon of excellence for every student at the heart of its community. We have a culture of high expectations for every student which underpins every aspect of the Academy. The sponsors bring expertise and a passion for education, facilities and commercial connections. All of which we hope will benefit the students, school and wider community.

“We look forward to working with AFC Liverpool.”

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