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AFC LIVERPOOL proud to support the BLUE September campaign

AFC Liverpool in Partnership with LFC action 4 health are proud to support the Blue September campaign.

Back in May this year, a group of lucky AFC Liverpool men who had attended the LFC action 4 Health courses to make lifestyle changes got a chance to live their life long dream to play at Anfield. Part of that day the lads were proud to raise awareness for the Blue September Campaign, as you can see in the photograph all the lads had blue painted on their faces taken in front of the kop.

In recent weeks John Bishop, Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher have also backed this crucial campaign to raise cancer awareness in men.

Blue September is about men facing up to cancer

154,000 men a year are diagnosed with cancer in the UK and 81,000 men a year die. Men in the UK are about 60% more likely to develop one of the cancers that affects both men and women, such as lung or bowel cancer.  Men are also about 70% more likely to die from one of these cancers.

But many male cancer deaths can be prevented through healthy lifestyle decisions and early detection.

Blue September is a campaign created to get the message out about cancer in men. It aims to raise awareness among UK men and women about all the cancers that can affect men.
It urges men to take preventative action by improving their lifestyle choices and to seek medical advice as soon as possible if they have a worrying symptom.

The campaign is also about encouraging people to make a donation to support the Men’s Health Forum’s charitable work to raise men’s awareness of cancer and other important men’s health issues.

Gary Beggs Business development officer of AFC Liverpool told us ” This is a very important campaign that we at AFC Liverpool are proud to support. We want all men to be cancer aware and not to be afraid to visit the GP.

As in all cancers, if it is caught early, the chances of survival are dramatically increased. The reason for the high death rates in men is down to the fact that men are afraid to visit the GP, or try to be brave and ignore the signs thinking it is nothing and will go away. Our Free Mens Health courses with the LFC Action 4 health team work on improving health, but also educating the men about health issues most importantly including cancer awareness. Not only are the men aware of their own symptoms, they can also act as signposts for other family members which is vital!

We want to educate as many men as possible throughout the city to dramatically reduce death rates and with all the advances in technology lets hope we can totally beat cancer in the very near future.

Below is a picture of our recent health course group showing their support for the Blue September Campaign all receiving football shirts for completing the drop a shirt size campaign

To find out more about the Blue September campiagn please visit the official website

The LFC Action for Health Men’s Health programme is funded by the Premier League, Football Pools and Liverpool PCT.

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