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AFC Liverpool Sportsmans Dinner report

The AFC Liverpool Steering Group would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped arrange, attended or supported the Sportsmans Dinner.

The night went so quickly and it was a great success. The speakers and the comedian were all superb and the club has received a lot of really positive feedback from all involved, so a big thank you to everyone.

From the initial tally up we look to have raised approx £1600.00, most of which came from the envelope scheme, the heads and tails game for the signed LFC ball and the shirt auctions, which together raised almost £1300.00.

The auction was suggested by the MC we’d paid to run the night as the numbers through the door were about 30 lower than expected. In his experience having both a raffle and an auction was the best way to ensure everyone had a chance of winning a prize & the club raising as
much money as possible. It was undertsood that this was announced by the MC on the night as he plugged the envelope sales, and we were going around collecting them, however if this has led to confusion then we sincerely apologise for that.

It was our very first club event and we’ve learned loads from it and maybe next time we can do things differently.

Thank you again to everyone who contributed time, money or advice it was greatly appreciated!

We have also been made aware of two guests who were given complimentary tickets (previously paid for by others) and who also paid on the night. This was due to a lack of communication between those concerned and the club, which is currently in the process of being rectified. Sincere apologies to the two guests concerned.

To all those who attended and made it a great night, Thank you so much for coming out and supporting the club and for making the night a resounding success.

(November 16, 2008)