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AFC Liverpool welcome Strategic Adviser

As part of AFC Liverpool’s commitment to evolve the club and continue it’s great momentum, members of the society board recently met with former AFC Liverpool Board member Gary Langley.

Gary was recently sounded out regarding a possibility of returning to the club structure by club founder Alun Parry and subsequently re-offered his services having been part of the senior game for nearly ten years North and South of the border.

With Gary having left the club on good terms, the AFC Liverpool board were keen to progress Alun’s original discussions, resulting in the arranged meeting.  

The club are in the process of re-assessing their strategies for the remainder of this season and are also making early plans for the 09-10 campaign. Having another experienced man in the AFC fold will help us with these key plans.

An AFC Liverpool Spokesman said today, “We held a very positive meeting with Gary Langley and, despite his commitments in Scotland with Stranraer F.C. and other groups, we found that Gary was still very much a fan of AFC and his assistance at this time is certainly appreciated.

Initial talks between Gary and Alun went well and we are happy that with Gary’s help we can concentrate on ensuring the clubs future remains bright and healthy. Before Alun left the club, he and Gary were already working on an initial draft of a sponsors’ package for next season, which is progressing well. Gary will be assisting the board within the role of Strategic Adviser.”

AFC Liverpool are currently a third of the way through the season and find themselves top of the Vodkat League Division One table following an exceptional start to their campaign. The AFC Liverpool board would like to congratulate manager Derek Goulding, the coaching staff and players for their fantastic efforts so far.

(November 4, 2008)