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Echo £50,000 community giveaway - Your Help Needed

AFC Liverpool are collecting tokens from the Liverpool Echo 15/02 - 09/ part of the £50,000 community giveaway.

AFC Liverpool has been accepted by the Liverpool Echo as one of the 350 community groups to take part in the Wish 2010 campaign.

In order to get a cut of this £50000 we need the vouchers that will appear in the Liverpool Echo 15/02 - 09/04.

We need every fan to tell all their friends, families, work colleagues, children’s schools etc and collect the tokens from them.

See your newsagents about publicising this campaign; see if they’ll allow customers to hand in tokens in the shop for us.

Download posters etc which soon be available from the Echo.

More details will appear in the Liverpool Echo on 15/02/10.

As soon as the tokens appear, please start collecting them, and we will issue instructions on how to get them to us.

Together the AFC Liverpool community can be successful.

Posted by:  karlos         Date:  February 15, 2010         Popularity:  72 views

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