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Final Week For Founder Members

Published on June 24, 2008

The committee has decided that founder members will be defined as all those who joined in June 08 or before.

As such, anybody who joins from July onwards will not be regarded as a founder member and will not receive a special founder members certificate.

We took this decision based on the fact that we now exist as a fully fledged non league club. In other words we have been founded. So those who are yet to join, you have a bit of notice to get your memberships in.

Of course, people can join at any time, and founder members have no special rights over anybody else who joins.

A founder member is simply someone who was in at the ground floor and will receive a certificate to demonstrate their place in AFC Liverpool’s history.

If you want to be part of that, you need to join before the month is out.

All those who have joined by that time will be contacted for your details, and certificates will follow shortly afterwards.