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Financial Partnership begins to bear fruit

After recently signing an exclusive financial partnership with Liverpool based company AllsportsVI, we are happy to report that the first £100 commision cheque from the partnership has this week been gratefully accepted in to the fund for our new ground project.

AllsportsVI do specialist work with sports people and governing bodies from amateur level all the way up to top end professionals. However, they also have a bespoke benefits arm that caters for individual and family lifestyle protection.

They have kindly offered FREE financial reviews for any of our members under the exclusive agreement we have, and any benefits undertaken will result in a healthy commission being paid directly into the fund for our new ground, as mentioned above.

Check out their site at and see exactly how easy it is to not only ensure you and your family are well protected in these uncertain times, but also to be a real part of laying a few bricks in the foundations of our new home.

Let’s start building OUR clubs future together, TODAY… !!

Posted by:  karlos         Date:  October 31, 2010         Popularity:  669 views

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