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As of: 27/12/08 19:00

Game On !!

Despite the torrential rainfalls in the area last night there is some really good news for everybody involved with the club: Today’s match is definitively on.

Talking to the club’s vice-chair Chris Stirrup earlier today he said: “There is nothing to indicate the match may not be going ahead, so we all are looking forward to the first home match this year”.

The match today will not only be AFC Liverpool’s first match in 2009. Since the Bootle away match the weather has prevented any of the other fixtures which now will have to be replayed later in the season.

AFC Liverpool are expecting more than 400 supporters to turn up, particularly with the derby being played on Monday and not today. As the weather is favourable at the moment, this figure may well be a conservative estimate rather than just wishful thinking.

Please read Manager Derek Goulding’s message ahead of today’s match as well.

(January 17, 2009)