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Buy Your Football Club A Pint

AFC Liverpool have launched a major fundraising drive to ensure the club is financially healthy to take us through to next season - and there is the chance of winning an AFC Liverpool shirt, signed by all the players, every month.

The Price Of A Pint Fundraising Drive

All you need to do is to give the price of a pint as a regular donation to the club.

I am happy to pay AFC Liverpool


If you have one less pint of beer each month and donate that to your club instead, we’d get £2.50. Now imagine if 1000 people did that?

Your club would have a regular income of £2,500 per month to help keep our heads above water.

And if you had one less pint a week, that would be just £2.50 per week which, if lots of fans did it, would be fantastic for your club.

It’s just like buying a pint for a good mate!

Help Your Club

Your club needs a regular income that is not dependent upon gate receipts, and so by giving up a pint of beer every now and then, you can help your club thrive.

This is a great opportunity in particular to supporters who live outside the area, who are unable to contribute to your club in the usual way by coming regularly to the game.

But we know that those in Merseyside who love the club will want to take part too.

Prize Draw Every Month

We will hold a prize draw on the 5th of every month for all of our “miss a pinters”, and the winner gets a signed AFC Liverpool shirt.

But more than that, you help your club succeed and build on the impressive start we have already made.

Fill In The Form

To take part, simply fill in the form below - and thanks for helping your club get even better.

I am happy to pay AFC Liverpool


(October 8, 2008)