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Goulding Names Squad For Opening Friendly

AFC Liverpool boss Derek Goulding has named his squad for the opening friendly of AFC Liverpool’s pre season.

Twenty players have been named for the all ticket match against St Helens on Wednesday - AFC Liverpool’s historic first ever game.

The reds boss made it clear that other players may yet still be brought in to the squad in the near future, especially as he continues to work with a number of the original triallists.

Tickets for the game are available at News From Nowhere, Bold St, Liverpool. Adults £5, children £3

The full AFC Liverpool squad for the St Helens opener is:

Andy Barlow
Martin Crowder
James Dever
Dave Eaton
Ian Johnson
Terry McCormick
Paul Lamb
Ryan Wignall
Paul Willis
Kevin Poole
Jonathon Bathurst
Craig Cushion
David Matthews
Andrew McCoy
Sean Nightingale
James Chandler
Martin Smeaton
Dean Thurston
Mark Bloxam
Ian Sheridan

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