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Important AGM information

The AFC Liverpool Steering Group are pleased to announce details of our first AGM. 

The AGM will take place as follows…

Saturday 27th June 2009 1.00pm - 4.00pm
Liverpool Supporters Club
212 Lower Breck Road
Liverpool 6

Please note only AFC Liverpool members who registered before Monday 18th May 2009 are eligible to attend the AGM.

The period of time leading up to the AGM is just as important as the AGM itself as you will be able to complete the following:
  • Nominate people to the Elected Society Board (Must be received by 1st June 2009)
  • Forward motions for the AGM (Must be received by 20th June 2009)
  • Forward changes to the constitution (Must be received by 20th June 2009)
The Steering Group suggests that the posts listed on the AGM notice should be filled to take the club forward in a professional manner.
All motions and proposed changes to the constitution should be forwarded to the club’s head office AFC Liverpool, The Initiative Factory, 29 Hope Street, Liverpool, L1 9BQ - or preferably via email to [email protected].
These must be submitted by midnight on the 20th June 2009.
In order to have an understanding of the procedure required please ensure you thoroughly read the attached and refer to the Club Constitution which can be found on the Club website via the Information drop down menu.

Some important issues are as follows:

  • We will require at least 20 members including proxies to be in attendance for the AGM to take place.
  • A member is only allowed to have one additional proxy.
  • In order to attend and vote each member must be at least 16 years of age.
If you require a copy of the timetable leading to the AGM, the election rules or the initial AGM agenda please contact [email protected] with your details.  

(May 20, 2009)