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Little Brother Match Predictor Opts For Reds

At AFC Liverpool HQ we have a match predictor that gives us a computer prediction for every game.

We call it Little Brother and the way it works is that we feed in some data, and it predicts a scoreline.

It has been very accurate so far and has helped us non league newbies develop a flavour of the competitiveness of each game.

Tomorrow’s Division One Trophy tie is away to Eccleshall in Staffordshire.

AFC Liverpool have been winning recent games very comfortably and so are on a good run, but Little Brother is suggesting a tough contest in this first round trophy match.

Eccleshall are a good side and have home advantage. Little Brother opts for a narrow AFC Liverpool win but predicts that it’ll be a close game.

We’ll need the travelling Kop in major voice for this one!

Prediction: Eccleshall 1 AFC Liverpool 2

Posted by:  karlos         Date:  October 24, 2008         Popularity:  824 views

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