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Press Release

The steering group of AFC Liverpool have responded as follows to the front page story reported in “Non- League Today” on Sunday 7th December:
” The Steering Group, members and fans of AFC Liverpool are shocked and surprised that the Non-League Today paper should feel it neccesary to openly speculate on the future of AFC Liverpool and make comment on recent events involving our U-18 side, prior to any hearing taking place and all facts coming to light.
We will be contacting the Vodkat League privately as regards comments attributed to a League source in the publication.
Quite why AFC Liverpool have been singled out in this way, we can only speculate, as most, if not all, football clubs in the UK are suffering decreasing attendances as a result of the global financial crisis and Christmas being just around the corner.
In the meanwhile AFC liverpool will carry on “staring into the Abyss” at the top of the league, with games in hand, the highest attendances in the division, a run of home games to come, and new additions to the Steering Group”

Chairman’s Statement re:Club Independence & Hillsborough Commemoration
“AFC Liverpool is a completely independent football club, set up by Liverpool FC fans to offer fans who have been priced out of premier league football, the opportunity to enjoy community based, grassroots football, in the kind of environment enjoyed by Liverpool fans down the generations.
There is not, has not and never will be any official link up with any other football club. Like any new business we have sought the cheapest and most cost effective ways of delivering our message, to potential supporters.
To be clear, we all love Liverpool FC and will continue to be supporters of Liverpool FC on the pitch. We hope that our model of a fan owned football club can also be achieved at other football clubs and to that end we recognise the aims of ShareLiverpool and Spirit of Shankly, the Liverpool supporters union.
Today I am also proud to announce that for the remainder of season 2008 / 09, a season which encompasses the 20th anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster, AFC Liverpool will no longer seek a shirt sponsor for our Home shirts, but rather the club wishes to wear a message of support, unity & grief with the victims of the Hillsborough disaster and those who continue to campaign on thier behalf.
There are however strict guidelines issued by the Vodkat League relative to shirt sponsorship, so we have to seek League approval initially. Dependant upon their approval, the club will move to incorporate the Hillsborough message on the Home shirts as soon as possible.
As an independent football club created for Liverpool fans on Merseyside who have been priced out of professional football, we welcome Liverpool fans from across Merseyside and beyond to support YOUR team.

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Paul McCombs, Chairman, AFC Liverpool

(December 14, 2008)