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Senior Cup: Tranmere Rovers Lie In Wait For Reds

AFC Liverpool have been accepted into the Liverpool Senior Cup and face a mouthwatering tie if able to get through the opening two rounds.

The competition, which involves Liverpool FC, Everton, and Tranmere Rovers in its later stages, has announced the draw for this years first three rounds.

The first round puts AFC Liverpool at home to Waterloo Dock.

This is a side with a fine pedigree. Former Liverpool striker, and current Liverpool Legends star, John Durnin started his career there.

It will also be an interesting draw for AFC Liverpool centre back Jay Chandler, who joined the Reds from Waterloo Dock.

Should we beat Waterloo Dock, AFC Liverpool have been drawn at home against either St Helens or East Villa. If St Helens and AFC Liverpool both get through to the second round, a quick repeat of our historic first ever match awaits.

The winner of that tie will then have made the quarter finals, which will see us again at home, this time against Tranmere Rovers.

Full draw below. Dates to be announced.

Round 1 AFC Liverpool v Waterloo Dock
Round 2 AFC Liverpool or Waterloo Dock v East Villa or St Helens
Round 3 AFC Liverpool or Waterloo Dock or East Villa or St Helens v Tranmere Rovers

(August 13, 2008)