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So are you claiming that you’ll be the REAL Liverpool now?

Absolutely not. The real Liverpool play at Anfield. We are AFC Liverpool, which is a non league club, run and owned as a cooperative society by Liverrpool supporters. It is aimed at people who love the real Liverpool but can no longer afford to go and watch them.

Is this all about Hicks & Gillett then?

No. It’s about bringing families back to football who have been priced out. Whoever is in charge is irrelevant. Top flight football is simply very expensive these days. AFC Liverpool is for those priced out who want to go to football again with fellow Reds, and to initiate their children in the Liverpool way.

Why Not Support An Existing Local Non League Team?

If you do, then we encourage you to go and watch them. But we don’t. We want them to do well of course, but we can’t magic support from thin air. By creating a team with an explicit LFC identity, it gives us a club that we can collectively own and have a reason to support.

What about the reserves?

Maybe once upon a time. Reserve football is now pretty haphazard in terms of fixtures and it takes place in Warrington (previously Wrexham!), normally mid week at around 7pm. It’s hardly easy for people to get to. Besides, who watches a reserve game with genuine passion? Most Reds watch the ressies like a scout rather than a fan.

What does it mean to be a member?

The club is a co-op. That means that every member owns the club collectively, and each member has equal voting rights at the club’s AGM to every other member. It is a fan run and fan owned club, and all profits are ploughed back into AFC Liverpool.

Do I renew my membership annually?

Yes. Membership is simply renewed every year.

Can I join the club even if I don’t live in Liverpool?

Yes of course. You can join the club even if you don’t live in the UK.

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