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AFC Liverpool Announce First Official Club Charity

AFC Liverpool are delighted to reveal that our very first Official Club Charity is Zoe’s Place Liverpool!
The decision was made by the Board Members of AFC Liverpool with the support of all the Fan ownership of the club.
Gary Beggs, Business Development Officer at AFC Liverpool, stated today “I am so happy we got the backing of everyone at the club. Its a very special charity that is close to my heart due to going to Cardinal Heenan High School in West Derby in my early years. They do so much for families at their most devastating times of their lives, but unfortunatley it comes at a huge cost and we want to support them with that in any way we can. If anyone watched children in need about the story of Elliott and more recently Brad Jones’ son Luca will have seen how important these organisations are. These two little boys had their lives cut short but the support they had helped massively.
Please support us to help them!!
To Elliott and Luca Goodnight and God Bless little men - You’ll never walk alone!!!
Chris Stirrup, Chairman of AFC Liverpool, also said today “I am also extremely happy with this decision and I am proud of the support we got from everyone at the club. We just wish we could support more charities out there too! As we grow as a club we will certainly look to help more organisations around the city of Liverpool, but for now and the future we will do everything we can for Zoe’s Place.
Please support us to support them!
If anyone wishes to donate you can do it through our ground fund link
Please just put a payment message as Donations to Zoes Place Thank You.

“We would like to thank the board of AFC Liverpool for choosing Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice as their official charity. It is a huge honour for us to be in associated with the club and we look forward to working with them over the coming year”. Carol Kirkham, Fundraising Manager

Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice was established in West Derby in 1995 and is the only baby specific hospice in the UK. We specialise in providing palliative and respite care for infants aged 0-5 who all suffer with a life limiting or life threatening condition. Babies at Zoë’s Place are nursed at all times on a one to one basis by Registered Sick Children’s Nurses and qualified Care Assistants and the facilities provided are free of charge to all families accessing the service. Our Charity was established to provide specialist one to one care in a ‘home from home’ environment, 24 hours a day 7 days a week and we currently support 50 families from across Liverpool and Merseyside.

Our work is based around meeting specific social needs not just in terms of the care and support we provide for our children but also in terms of the respite services we can provide for their parents and siblings and this has proven to be vital to so many of the families who have benefited from our service. Every one of the families we support and care for is afforded respect and dignity regardless of gender, race, culture, religious beliefs or disability.

Our Liverpool based Hospice has recently completed a process of relocation to far larger, more accessible space within our existing building and we are now looking at ways of taking advantage of this development to extend the range of activities and services we provide. We do receive some support from the Department of Health but this equates to around 18% of what we need to raise per year and leaves us with a huge amount to fundraise to continue and develop our service.


To find out more about Zoë’s Place you can click on to their website Zoë’s Place

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