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AFC Liverpool Feeling Good About New Sponsorship Deal

AFC Liverpool are delighted to announce that the thriving relationship with Liverpool Primary Care Trust is to continue into 2012/13, with the news that they will continue to be the club’s main sponsor.

Since this club’s inception, AFC Liverpool have been involved in community initiatives to improve health, as demonstrated with the running of health courses and full support of the PCT’s decade of the Health and Wellbeing Campaign.

The coming season will see a new initiative being advertised on the front of both the men’s and women’s shirts. The club is dedicated to supporting this project in any way that can benefit the community.

Four cogs are used to illustrate each phase of action to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals in Liverpool, ranging from encouraging community support, up to using support systems to monitor people in their home to avoid the need for hospital admissions.

The Feelgood Factory will use national and local technologies to design lifestyles and home environments around individuals and support them to live at home for longer.

Liverpool’s Feelgood Factory aims to encourage people to take ownership of their own health and social care from an early age, helping to manage wellbeing in later life and prevent hospital admission.

The programme wants to instil a culture of lifestyle planning in the city, to make it a normal and acceptable process for people. It will work with communities and key partners, like AFC Liverpool, to redesign and develop life enhancing technologies and services.

Liverpool Feelgood Factory will integrate existing systems and technologies for the benefit of Liverpool people and to empower individuals and support older adults to “live the life they want”.

Liverpool PCT director of stakeholder engagement Andy Hull said, “The Feelgood Factory is about using technology to help people live healthy lives and reduce expensive unplanned hospital visits.”

AFC Liverpool Community Officer Paul McCombs also commented, “It is fantastic that AFC Liverpool is involved in such a worthy campaign from the start to improve people’s lifestyles without it being such a burden on the NHS.  The club will continually up date this exciting news and hope that the value of our community action is recognised and supported throughout in order for these relationships to prosper.”

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