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“Remember when football was a game for the people,
Standing shoulder to shoulder with all who were equal.
Just before you arrive at the ground,
Queue up and get in for a couple of pounds.
But now the price of a ticket has soared,
To a level that only a few fans can afford.
We all need a less expensive way,
To follow our team both home and away.”

Unlike most other English football clubs, AFC LIVERPOOL is owned by its fans and run by a professional board elected from its membership, with the support of many volunteers.

The bottom line for AFC LIVERPOOL is that its strength lies in its numbers - the more fans who are members, the stronger the club becomes, and the more able it is to make AFC LIVERPOOL become a great club this City and beyond can be proud of!

Most fans have no choice but to be on the outside of their clubs. They can only hope to make a difference, and have no input into how the club they love is run, or its future is shaped - no matter how strong, loyal or passionate their support.

We are different: once you are a member you have the right to vote at the annual AGM and you do have a say in how the future of this club is shaped!
Affordable football on a Saturday afternoon for all is not available anymore. Working class families can no longer afford to go the game, but we want to change that.
AFC LIVERPOOL is different because it is the TRUE fans club.

Memberships start from as little as £12!


Every member is entitled to vote at the Annual AGM

  • Every Member has exclusive access to the members only Forum
  • Every Member has exclusive access to the clubs official TV Channel for all the clubs match highlights
  • Every Member has a 10% discounts on official club merchandise purchased through the club store with a unique code!

Want more?

Then become a member of the 100 Club.

From just £15/month (Adults), £10/month (Seniors) and £5/month (Under 16’s), benefits include:

  • Yearly Membership
  • Season Ticket
  • Entry into weekly club lottery (Adults only)
  • Replica shirt (Under 16’s only)
  • Access to members forum
  • Access to exclusive match highlights on club TV channel
  • Discounts on merchandise and travel

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Target amount: GBP10,000.00
Total Donations: GBP1,501.25
Amount Needed: GBP8,498.75

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