AFC Liverpool

Reserve Team Fixtures

Date H/A Opponent K/O Contest Result
27/8/11 H Allerton 2.30pm League W 1-0
3/9/11 A Alder 2.30pm League L 0-2
10/9/11 H Quarry Bank 2.30pm League W 4-2
24/9/11 A Redgate Rovers 2.30pm League W 3-0
1/10/11 A Essemmay Old Boys 2.00pm Junior Cup W 2-1
8/10/11 A Kingsley United 2.30pm League D 3-3
15/10/11 H K.C.F.C. 2.30pm League W 1-0
29/10/11 A The York FC 2.00pm Junior Cup W 1-0
05/11/11 A St Michaels DHFC 2.00pm Junior Cup W 4-2
12/11/11 A K.C.F.C. 2.15pm League W 3-1
3/12 11 H Kingsley United 2.00pm League L 1-2
7/1/12 A Allerton 2.00pm League L 0-2
14/1/12 A Eli Lilly 1.45pm Junior Cup W 5-2
21/1/12 A Eli Lilly 2.00pm League D 1-1
28/1/12 H Warbreck Reserves 2.00pm League W 5-0
18/2/12 A Penlake 2.00pm Junior Cup W 2-1
25/2/12 A BRNESC 12.30pm GM Cup L 4-3 on pens

4-4 (AET)

3/3/12 A Liobans 12.45pm League W 6-1
10/3/12 H Redgate Rovers 2.30pm League W 1-0
17/3/12 A Kingsley United 2.30pm LW Cup L 0-2
24/3/12 A Allerton 2.30pm LW Cup L 1-3
27/3/12 A Park Brow 6.15pm LW Cup L 3-4
31/3/12 H Alder 2.30pm LW Cup W 1-0
3/4/12 H Collegiate Old Boys Reserves 6.30pm League L 1-2
7/4/12 A K.C.F.C. 2.30pm LW Cup W 3-1
10/4/12 H Liobians 6.30pm League W 9-0
17/4/12 H Eli Lilly 6.30pm League W 3-0
21/4/12 H Alder 2.30pm League W 2-0
24/4/12 N Allerton 6.30pm Junior Cup Final L 1-4
26/4/12 A Quarry Bank 6.30pm League W 5-1
28/4/12 H Park Brow 2.30pm League L 2-3
1/5/12 A Park Brow 6.45pm League L 1-2
5/5/12 A Collegiate Old Boys Reserves 2.30pm League
9/5/12 A Warbreck Reserves 6.45pm League

League is Liverpool County Premier League Division 2

Junior Cup is The Liverpool County FA Saturday Junior Cup

GM Cup is the George Mahon Cup

LW Cup is the Lord Wavertree Cup

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