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AFC Liverpool Launches With 1K Campaign

AFC Liverpool officially launched its 1K Campaign today, seeking 1000 Liverpool supporters to join the new non league club.

AFC Liverpool was established last week primarily for passionate Liverpool fans who have been priced out of Anfield by rising Premiership prices.

Club spokesperson Alun Parry said: "LFC is one of the most sensitive clubs when it comes to ticket prices but it's still close to £40 to watch a match. AFC Liverpool is for those passionate Liverpool fans to once again watch football together, singing the same songs, wearing the same colours, and alongside the same people - without it costing a fortune!"

AFC Liverpool state that bringing those Reds back to football is their motivation, not Liverpool's current ownership issue.

Parry said: "This is an idea whose time has come and it has nothing to do with who owns LFC. It is to do with letting kids learn what being a Liverpool fan is all about. People talk about the Liverpool way but it can only be handed down by a matchgoing community - not via TV."

The new club expects to be playing this forthcoming season and are at an advanced stage in sorting a groundshare deal with a local club. They also have ambitious plans for the club to have a fully fledged youth system in operation from the outset.

Parry said: "This club will be owned by its members with equal voting rights. It will not just be a team but a proper club, involving the community at all levels. We are now seeking 1000 reds to be founder members of this fantastic new club."

To become a founder member of AFC Liverpool, join online at or send cheques to AFC Liverpool, addressed to Tony Nelson, AFC Liverpool, The Initiative Factory, 29 Hope Street, Liverpool, L1 9BQ.

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