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A Response to the Brian Reade Column

We just want to correct the inaccurate description of AFC Liverpool from Brian Reade's column in the Daily Mirror which described us as "a breakaway team called AFC Liverpool is being formed on the lines of FC United, the club set up by disillusioned Manchester United fans when the Glazers took over."

Brian is a supporter of AFC Liverpool and has wrote to us to apologise stating that he sent this correction but it failed to go in: "As well as SOS, there is a fans' collective called ShareLiverpool trying to buy out the club, and a breakaway team called AFC Liverpool to give working-class people who've been priced out of Anfield the chance to watch players wearing all-red, in the flesh."

We want to reiterate once again that we are NOT a breakaway team that is anti Liverpool. We are pro Liverpool and our target is those people who simply can't afford to go to Anfield to watch our beloved Liverpool. We want to keep those lost Reds together in an LFC community to pass on the Liverpool way to the next generation. We do not want to breakaway from Liverpool or replace Liverpool.

Our reason for being is also nothing to do with the owners!!!! Unless there's an owner on the horizon promising ticket prices that everyone could afford then the ownership issue is irrelevant because we are driven by the affordability of Premiership prices.

We recognise that this was a genuine error on Brian's part. We have faith that Brian is an honourable guy and hope Brian will now give us some serious coverage to correct this very damaging and untrue description. We ask those who have come here misinformed by this column to read everything on this website in order to reach a correct view of what we are all about.

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